Get to know Bayside WP

Hi, Dehne here (sounds like Dean),

I believe it takes a lot of guts to ask for help rather than to do nothing.

It’s a lesson I learned at 28 after seeking financial advice to support my growing family and being told “I was too young and there’s no need to worry”.

I was young, but not naïve.

From that day on I made it my mission to learn everything I could about money and how to use it to build a better life. And I did.

These days I work with people who ask me for a hand to get their money sorted.

They’re typically on the road to retirement, time is getting away and they don’t want indecision or regret spoiling a good life.

Afterall, life is happier without money worries.

I remember feeling intimidated when I first asked for advice, so I’m pedantic about making it easy to reach out.

Here’s how I do it:

Keep it real

Being a dairy farmers’ son, I’m renowned for keeping things simple and easy. Life is complicated enough.

No beating around the bush

I’m a stickler for saying things as they are. I ditch the fluff and fancy and get to the heart of what matters. It solves problems much quicker.

Playing Devil’s advocate

I question everything and weigh things up. This way no stone is left unturned and decisions make more sense. I don’t know any other way.

Grinning is winning

Having been a competitive cricketer (I still dabble a bit), I know that winning is a team effort and that laugher is the secret sauce.

Happy wife, happy kids, happy life

I believe family makes the world go around. Whether they’re related or by choice, relationships trump everything. That’s how I live, work and play.


Growing up on a farm and playing competitive cricket taught me firsthand about planning ahead, adapting to change and being ready for what’s thrown from left field.

These lessons and years of studying the ‘ins and outs’ of money are the foundations I use to help people make better financial decisions and enjoy a happier life.

I’m a sucker for a good practical joke, singing out loud (even though I’m tone deaf) and playing a ‘friendly’ game of indoor cricket with my mates.

Advanced Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning)
Graduate Diploma Financial Planning
Commissioner for Declarations
Authorised Representative No. 345252

Happy for me is my awesome wife Sharon, our 3 incredible sons and being a proud grandfather of two (so far).